Redhex, Redhex Natural Red is made from high-quality paprika extract and is a natural red pigment source with its stabilized and homogenized powdered form.


It contains capsanthin and capsorubin with excellent bioavailability and gives the egg yolk an appetizing orange-red color. Besides, it is often used with yellow xanthophylls to provide the skin of broilers with an attractive golden yellow color.

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Calci-Plus Shell

Calci Plus Shell is obtained from mussel shells and is a natural calcium source with high digestibility, which significantly improves eggshell quality in laying hens with its advantages provided by chemical content and particle size.

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Paprika Oleoresin

Paprika is a product with a high degree of coloring, and it can be ground easily due to its soft texture. Thanks to our highly fertile soils, quality products are supplied to our company by expert teams.

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