Paprika Oleoresin

Paprika is a product with a high degree of coloring, and it can be ground easily due to its soft texture. Thanks to our highly fertile soils, quality products are supplied to our company by expert teams.


According to customer demand, we produce paprika oleoresin in 20000 - 200000 CU (ASTA 20.1 method) color range.

Paprika Oleoresin is in liquid form and is a pure and natural substance. It is used as a natural colourant in many fields from the feed industry to the cosmetic industry and especially in the food industry.

Paprika Oleoresin provides a wide range of colouring from yellow to red and is safely used in many food products including drinks, noodles, baked goods, sweets, sauces, spice mixes and especially in meat and dairy products.

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